Farewell 2014


Hello 2015 : Rolling into a productive year…



Geodetic Survey Markers

Digital Camera Minnesota maintains a series of permanent geodetic markers used by surveyors. These fixed makers provide precise vertical and horizontal coordinates from which surveyors can do their work. At times these markers are along hiking and cycling trails. One such marker, which was embedded in sandstone many years ago now protrudes from the eroded trail and requires this sign. Currently it is buried under much snow and not a hazard to trail users, but during other months it is a pedal-catching hazard on the trail.


River Bluff Geology

Digital Camera¬†This image shows very clearly the limestone layer capping the sandstone along the Mississippi River valley in St. Paul. This geology, and the millennia of flowing and flooding waters have created some dramatic viewing opportunities of geologic features in St. Paul; including many caves, some of which I’ve shared images of on this blog.