My name is David and I started the blog “actioncyclist” a few years ago to document adventures and experiences of my cycling life. The title “actioncyclist” was a nod to my profession, and passion, for the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate programme, within which the “Action Cycle” is a key component.

At the time of starting this blog I had been a year round cycle commuter in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA for over a decade and was amazed at the things I would see and experience while out on my bike taking in the world at 10 miles per hour without protection of a windscreen.

Life continued with me enjoying the creative process of taking photos and writing for the blog while taking action daily to be creative and physically fit. My creative life was humming along. However, with a significant personnel change at work, and the death of two beloved pets it was time for some soul searching about my life’s trajectory. My creativity was sapped and the blogging stopped. I went from blogging daily to not blogging at all. For a long stretch it was simply time for reflection on which actions to take next.

The action cycle, as I teach it to primary-aged school children, involves the steps of reflecting, choosing,  and finally taking action.The reflection phase in this case took quite some time. I am fortunate to have multiple opportunities to pursue in life. International teaching has always been a dream of mine. So, through a long set of conversations and action steps I pursued and accepted a job in Frankfurt, Germany.  Therefore, I am currently living, teaching and (action) cycling in Europe with my wife.

Since my wife and I are both keen to document some of our amazing adventures, I have added the “s” to actioncyclist and together we will be blogging about cycling, life and taking action steps that matter to us.